Prayer at Dawson Creek Community Church is our communicative life line to God and with God. For that reason we put a strong emphasis on prayer in our Church. It is a vital part of who we are. Our prayer ministry includes these five aspects.

Prayer Chain

Our prayer chain operates via e-mail. This is a ministry provided when there is and emergency or a need for a vast number of people praying in the same direction for a particular situation. There are a number of people on this chain and prayer requests can be posted very quickly. We attempt to maintain as much confidentiality as needed.

Altar Ministry

Our church typically views worship in three phrases; praise, worship and ministry, in this order. At the end of each of service we have people available for Altar Prayer Ministry. These people have been trained in prayer ministry and will pray with those who come forward. This is not a counselling time, but rather a time where two or three are gathered in agreement with what God is saying. We pray to give thanks, break strongholds and pour out blessings. If you are in need of prayer, please come to the front of the church at the end of the service, during the final worship song, there will be people there to pray with you.

Wednesday Night Prayer

This is a time for the prayers and intercessors to gather and pray for our church body and what God is speaking to us for this time. We use the Lord's Prayer as our outline for prayer each time we gather. We take time to share what we have been hearing from God and praying. We then, as a group, intercede for the body.

Prayer Ministry Teams

Prayer Ministry is available upon request by individuals. This is a time when 4-6 people gather with the person who is seeking prayer for healing, release or blessing. We take time to seek God for words of knowledge and wisdom and pray with the individual. Members of such teams have been trained in the Prayer Ministry Model mandated by our church. You can contact us through this site if you are seeking Prayer Ministry.

5x5 Grace Prayer

This prayer ministry is 5 people praying for you for 5 Sunday’s in a row. It takes 5 minutes of time each Sunday and you will receive 5 scriptures and 5 blessings to encourage you through the weeks. This is an encouragement ministry for anyone who feels they need it. If you would like 5x5 Prayer Ministry or if you would like to be part of a 5 member team, please let us know.