About Us

Who We Are

Dawson Creek Community Church was birthed by God as a group of Christians who came together with a common purpose, not only to be part of the Church but also to be involved in the community. In short, we want to have our Christianity as an active faith not just in the Church but also out in the local community, the community at large and outreach missions to the world.

What We Believe

  • In Prayer: We are a Church that prays. God has put this sovereignty into the very fabric of our DNA as a church.
  • In Worship: We desire to have the Holy Spirit usher us before the throne room of God, to adore, praise, give thinks and bow in gratitude before His majesty and glory.
  • In The Word: The Living Word of God must be central to what we do. The experiential study of Scripture is a vital part of our day to day living.
  • In Giving: Giving is an expression of the heart of God (He gave His Son, John 3:16). Therefore we believe we need to give not only our money, but also our time, our talents and our whole being.
  • In Ministry: Each member has a very active role in Church life. We believe that each member contributes and has a vital ministry. As we are restored, we can now turn to those who are reaching out in need.

Our Purpose


Our Worship

We would love to have you come and worship with us! As we worship, our desire is that our Lord and Savior be lifted up and that the cares that weight us down will be left at the foot of the cross. We pray that you will experience God's presence and that His presence will change your life.

We are a non-denominational church. Out of respect for fellow worshippers, please refrain from moving into the center aisle unless the pastoral staff or worship leader invites you to do so. We want the focus of our worship time to be on God. Please be sure that your worship is not a disturbance to others. Thank you.